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With modern machinery industry are developing towards high-precision, high-speed cutting, grinding, low cost, and environmental protection and other directions, tungsten carbide cutting tool has higher requirement on the properties. Theoretically, the efficiency of cutting process, the precision and the surface quality depend on the hardness and the strength of the cutting tool. But it is difficult to balance the relationship between the hardness and the strength. In general, the strength of the material with higher hardness is relatively lower, and the increase of the strength is also base on the decrease of the hardness frequently. Therefore, in order to reconcile this contradiction and further improve the wear resistance of tungsten carbide cutting tools, the relevant researchers develop tungsten carbide coating layer. It deposits a tungsten carbide layer on the base and forms a chemical barrier and a thermal barrier, which effectively reduce the wear of the cutting tools. Furthermore, coating layer with higher coefficient of friction can remarkably improve the service life of the cutting tools.Generally, the requirements of tungsten carbide cutting tool coating layer as follow:
1. High hardness and excellent wear resistance;
2. The coating film has a little effect on the toughness of the base material;
3. Reduce the friction coefficient of the cutting tool and the workpiece;
4. Longer service life.

At present, the most used tungsten carbide coating technologies include CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), MTVD (Medium Temperature Vapor Deposition), PCVD (Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition) and so on. Wherein the chemical vapor deposition is the most widely used one. The principle is that a mixed gas of the coating material in cemented carbide surface interaction at Steel Inserts high temperatures, the mixed gas of some component decomposed and carbide surface coating metals or compounds formed. It should be noticed that deposition reaction must be carried out under certain conditions activation energy. In addition, high-temperature CVD has many advantages, such as:
1. Relatively easy source of coating material;
2. Can obtain TiC, TiN, TiCN, TiB, Al2O3 and other single or multiple composite coating layers;
3. High bonding strength between the base and the coating layer, excellent wear resistance.

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Tungsten gold commemorative coins, as its name suggests, is existed for commemorating, for carrying the memories and for collecting happiness. It has a unique high-density carbide Milling Inserts property of tungsten alloy, which makes it has the same hand feeling as gold commemorative coins. Tungsten gold commemorative coin is not as expensive as gold commemorative coin, but both are equally beautiful. Since tungsten alloy has good machinability, so it can be engraved with beautiful and exquisite patterns and texts on its surface. Its good wear resistance and corrosion resistance can also make it be permanently stored; and its beautiful appearance and unique collection value make it more memorable. In addition, tungsten gold commemorative coins for classmate party can largely avoid economic losses due to the problems of gold commemorative coins’ lost, damage etc. besides, it is light and easy to carry, which also has high cost-effective, so it is an excellent choice as a souvenir for classmate party.

Tungsten carbide carbide Threading Inserts groove cutter has high cutting accuracy and longer service life, which often used in manufacturing run-out groove in bearing parts, over-run of grinding wheel, snap ring groove and sealing groove and bore groove.


There are many types of cutting groove, such as run-out groove in bearing parts, over-run of grinding wheel, snap ring groove and sealing groove and bore groove and so on. Lathe grooving cut divided into the outer tank, inner hole and the end face grooving. The tool can be used to cut the outer groove of turning face groove. Cut the outer groove and the end slot are rectangular arbor, and cut the groove commonly round or square arbor. In addition, the combined size of the blade and arbor must be less than the hole diameter to ensure the accuracy and improve the efficiency.

1. Small feed rate, even cutting thickness, large unit cutting force, better heat dissipation performance;
2. High cutting speed and uniform distribution;
3. The workpiece rotating and the tool cut continuously and form Archimedes screw surface;
4. Narrow edge width, suspended elongation, so it easily to vibrate when cutting or grooving.

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